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Mission Statement


Strohm Wealth strives to help clients gain clarity and confidence around your financial affairs, so that you feel empowered over your life and optimistic about your future.

Business Philosophy.

Our business philosophy encompasses the following principles:

Financial Life Management.   We are a different kind of wealth manager than the investment-focused broker at a brokerage firm, or the insurance agent representing an insurance company. We provide guidance to clients' entire financial lives beyond investments and help you make tough choices as a fiduciary. Our scope is about how your whole life works with money.

Stewardship. We operate under the Fiduciary Standard, generally regarded as the highest standard of client care. This means that the firm puts its clients' interests ahead of its own. We believe that adhering to the fiduciary standard is the right thing to do and it helps to engender trust in us by our clients.

Unbiased Advice. We do not accept any commissions or compensation based on product sales. Rather, clients pay us directly for our advice. This compensation structure supports objectivity by eliminating or reducing many of the conflicts of interest inherent in commission-based compensation.

Trust. Our Fiduciary Standard, transparent compensation structure, and unblemished regulatory record are the beginning basis for earning our clients' trust. Based on our education, experience, and credentials, clients also trust in our technical competence and know-how. Additionally, we work hard to demonstrate every day, in every way, ethical conduct and character. Finally, our clients find that they can trust in our maturity and empathetic skills, which is particularly important because clients routinely reveal to us personal information about themselves and their families.

Collaboration. We are true partners with our clients. This means that we get to know you as a person -- your personality, needs, goals, and fears. This in-depth knowledge allows us to work with clients to develop sound, suitable strategies aimed at not only achieving your financial goals, but your life goals as well.

Communication. We are proactive, responsive, and clear in our communications with clients. We proactively schedule review meetings, follow up on action items, remind you of your action items, and alert you to investment and planning-related matters that may concern you. When you reach out to us, we respond within 24 hours, and typically the same business day. And we make every effort to steer free of the industry jargon that often serves to boost the ego of the advisor but can confuse and intimidate clients.